Remnants of Thassilon

Alarming discoveries

Is that a horn on your head or are you happy to see me?

The heroes stand quietly above the body of the sinspawn, wondering if it is really dead. In a few seconds they see the monster’s wounds start to heal. Frantically,Kaielea Brightblade unzips the creature’s belly with her sword as Olga Söldrif melts its face an acid dart. They stand and watch anxiously, but the sinspawn seems to be dead for good now.

Finding nothing of interest in the sinspawn’s cave, they move on down the tunnel. More rooms open up to the right. Some are carefully carved out of the stone, with proper doors built in them. Someone has been busy down here. At the end of a short corridor they can see a flight of stairs, going up.

The party continues to investigate. In a small room they come across a stone statue a beautiful, and strangely furious looking female, holding a long pole arm. Kaielea helps herself to the weapon, which Olga informs her is a ranseur, and a nice one too.

Listening at one closed door they can hear low breathing. Dharma Hildegarde Kaielea and Olga want to investigate but Sereca Squall is either afraid or else she doesn’t care what’s on the other side. To humor the others she starts to blindly cast lightning under the door, but when they whisper at her to stop, who knows what is in there, she is fed up and storms away.

Left with no choice the others follow. Squall climbs the stairs to find another door blocking the way. Since there is probably evil behind this door too, she turns back again. Scouting the tunnels some more, the party comes to a larger room, with a strange looking altar on a dais. The altar is full of dirty looking water and, Dharma informs them, strong evil is emanating from it. The only other exit from this room is through another closed door. So Squall is once again turned away. Since it is getting late, they all agree to go back to town and figure out their next step there.

Back in town, the heroes pay a visit to the prisoner. The half-elf isn’t talking. The guard informs them he hasn’t said a word to anyone. He points them to a box of the prisoner’s belongings, which include some coin, assorted loot, and Suto’s journal. The journal is a frightening record of what appears to be a plan to overrun Sandpoint with hundreds of goblins, and much worse! In his journal, Suto alludes to a ritual involving the dug up corpse of father Tobin, and some sort of unholy resurrection of the priest’s daughter [name?] who died in the same temple fire. Quite the artist, Suto includes many drawings of [name], who he refers to as “his love”, in his journal. The later drawings feature not quite human appendages. Somethings, apparently, had not gone according to Suto’s plan.

As troubling as all this is, the most immediate worry is the planned attack on Sandpoint. It is clear that an army of monsters is assembling to attack the town, including goblins, bugbears, demons, and other “freaks.” The journal provides valuable information on the plan of attack (through the tunnels that open up in the glassworks and elsewhere, and by waterway) but is silent on the possible timing of the attack. The prisoner is likewise silent on the subject.

Seeing as there is nothing more they can do today, the heroes retire, praying that the attack not come that night. While eating their dinner at the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu thanks them for capturing her brother before he was able to harm her. She shows them a note from Suto, slipped under her door that morning, asking her to come by the glassworks, but she has no theories as to his plan, and offers no explanation on the Kaijitsu family fallout beyond what is already common knowledge. Amiko agrees to try to speak to her brother in the morning, but warns the heroes against holding their hopes too high.



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