Remnants of Thassilon

Conjoined goblin myslexia

The next morning, while Squall goes to her cleric’s appointment, Kaielea the pointy eared human goes to sell the previous day’s loot and returns with an armful of gold coins. The human girls then go shopping while Olga hits the bookstore to find some information.

Dharma and Kaielea browse the local smithy. Dharma is measured for a new full-plate armor, and Kaielea, now paranoid about weapon shattering spells, ends up with four swords and four whips dangling from her wide leather belt. She is disappointed that the town’s weapon smith doesn’t carry a greatsword of high enough quality to her taste, and a messenger is dispatched to Magnimar to make sure one is purchased there for her.

Meanwhile, Olga looks over all the relevant books in the Curious Goblin, but comes up empty. Disappointed, she walks over the stables to consult the aging ranger who runs them. He doesn’t know much about demons, but suggests that Sybil, who runs the House of Bluestone establishment might know about such matters. Olga goes to meet Sybil, who reluctantly agrees to listen to a description of the demoness and confirms that it is indeed a Quasit. This is good news, one of Suto’s important allies is vanquished.

Olga returns to the Rusty Dragon, where Kaielea and Dharma are already drinking. Surprisingly, Dharma is drinking ale. Ameiko Kaijitsu had delivered a letter to the young paladin earlier, which had obviously put her in a bad mood, although she says nothing of it to her companions.

It is time to get back to work. The party treks easily through the empty tunnels, confident that they can handle anything still left in there. Their confidence is somewhat lowered though, when they come to the torture room and find their barricade removed, and the door to the lower level busted outwards.

Squall is sent to scout ahead. The elf hermit and her owl companion tiptoe down the stairs, and return to report: The room is well lit by torches lining the walls. Several pits on the floor are covered by rickety wooden lids, and sounds of moaning and shuffling come up from under them. And someone is home. Squall spotted a goblin-looking arm behind the doorway. Zephyr the owl saw it too, and claims it is attached to something bigger and scarier than a goblin. The heroes draw their weapons and line up in order of bravery, Kaielea, Dharma, Olga, and Squall, bringing up the rear with her dog and owl in tow. Olga tosses her signature vial of harpy musk into the room to signal the attack.

As the musk of harpy spreads in the room, a large and hideously deformed creature jumps out form behind the doorway, waving a sword in one hand and an axe in the other. And a dagger in the other! The obviously shaken creature opens its mouth, and with a sickening gurgle hurls a jet of nasty vomit at the perfectly lined heroes. The caustic liquid burns their skin, and the stench overwhelms squall, who is forced to stop and gag for a few seconds. Seeing his mistress in distress, Zephyr does what any loyal owl would, and flies in for the kill.

The goblonoid creature blocks the entrance to the room, until Dharma pushes it in just enough for both her and Kaielea to engage it at the same time. From behind them, they hear Olga’s now familiar magical mutterings and know help is on the way. Over their heads the screeching Zephyr darts beak first into the fray. But, with three weapon wielding arms, the goblonoid is able to fend off all three of them for a while. He clangs steel with Dharma and Kaielea, and knocks Zephyr out with a single blow.

The heroes press on the attack. A big dog, conjured by Olga’s magic, appears behind the goblonoid and bites it in the ass. Kaielea moves into the room, making way for Olga’s hammer to join the fight. The poor goblonoid is now facing four determined attackers. Dharma’s sword open up a long gash in its flank. With a crack of her whip, Kaielea trips it to the ground. Praying for her god’s blessing, Olga moves in and lands a crushing hammer blow on the creature’s rib cage. The mangled creature stands up, gurgling in pain. From behind, Squall’s trusty dog joins the fray, as the outraged elf, now recovered from her nausea, shoots colorful flares at the goblonoid, trying to aid her friends by distracting their opponent. Seeing that the fight is going well Olga steps back and uses her magic to stabilize the dying owl.

Dharma maneuvers around the goblonoid. As she steps on one of the wooden lids it gives way, and she crashes loudly into a deep pit. Sounds of moaning and slashing worry her friends for a few seconds, and then the paladin’s high voice rises out from below – “hey guys, there’s zombies in the pits!” She’s fine.

The others still have their hands full with the mutant goblin. The creature keeps throwing up on them. Olga and Kaielea get a dose of nausea but at last, between hammers and swords and flares, the poor creature is put out of its misery.

Looking over the disgusting battlefield, it seems the only badly injured ones are the animals. Olga uses her healing magic and no creature is in immediate danger of death, but poor Zephyr is still unconscious and is gently put inside a saddle bag carried by the still limping dog.

With everyone’s help, Dharma climbs out of the pit. The companions spend a few minutes playing Whack-A-Zombie until they realize there must be a better way. They use the wooden lids and some oil to make post-funeral pyres for all the zombies. After a short time, the moaning and shuffling cease.

One other door leads out of the zombie room. At the end of a short corridor, they come to a curious, round metal door, with a vault handle. The elf’s sensitive ears make out a soft hum from inside. They open the door to find a spherical chamber, with glowing metal walls. Strange runes appear on the walls only to vanish seconds later. Kaielea can make out Thassilonian words for “anger”, “wrath”, “revenge” and the likes. The Evil of this chamber overwhelms the young paladin, who is attuned to such things.

In the center of the room several objects are floating quietly in mid air. Using her whip Kaielea manages to fish them out. A magic scroll. A book containing images of demonic creatures, a wand, and a bottle of wine. Oh and a dead maggot ridden bird. The bird is non-magical.

Squall summons a flaming sphere that rolls around inside the chamber. Seeing that nothing happens, the elf maiden walks inside and floats around for a while. When she had her fun the companions close the door and stand to consider their options.



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