Remnants of Thassilon

Highlights of a long day

The heroes find Brethasmus the bugbear rolling in the hay. They kill him and his bitches, as well as a brood of dangerous looking goblin babies.

In the next room they find Nualia’s bodyguard, a dangerous character by the name of Orik Van Caskrin. Orik is from riddleport and seems to recognize Kailea. He is allowed to leave with his life and his gear. Olga and Dharma escort him out of the island and disable the bridge behind him.

Going into the evil temple, a wave of fear crashes over everyone. Dharma’s cool and collected demeanor instills courage in her companions and they are able to withstand to the terror. All except Squall who was separated from the others. Squall runs away in panic as the rest do battle against two floating dog-demons. The Yefe hounds stand no chance against the party’s steel and magic. When they are dispatched to their home plane, the heroes search the room ad wait for Squall to return. Kailea helps herself to a couple of eternal flame Kukris.

Meanwhile, Squall is scouting the way to the lower level. Behind the secret door is a stairwwell. The air in the lower level is oddly fresh, and the entire level is tilted, as if constructed so long ago that the ground itself has shifted and moved since then. Squall returns to the party to report and everyone follow her below.

Dharama leads the way as they cross a long narrow room with broken statues lining the walls. Suddenly, as Dharma steps on a floor tile smoother and shinier then the rest, iron portcullises slam down in front of and behind her. She is trapped in a cage, and two stone statues start swinging stone glaves at her. The statues and metal bars are tough and resist attempts to break them. But Kailea becomes so enraged that her hidden reserves of strength and heroism allow her to lift the portcullis right above her head with one hand, and pull the unlucky paladin out with the other. Seconds later, the stone glave attack ceases, the floor slides into the wall to let the non-existing corpse fall through, and then slides back as the iron portcullises lift.

It only takes a 5 foot jump to clear the trap, and so most of the party is son on the other side. Even Olga makes a foolhardy but lucky leap across. Dharma is still contemplating the odds when Kailea open the door to confront whoever has been casting spells in there for the past minute. Nobody is surprised when it turns out to be Nualia herself. She is even more beautiful then in Suto’s sleazy sketches, and her mutant demon hand is even more creepy.

Dharma attempts to clear the trap, now with a stone placed to stop the portcullis from dropping all the way the floor, as the others engage Nualia. Dharma fails and must crawl back to safety, still on the wrong side of the fight. The invisible Squall keeps exploring the hallways until she finds a good spot from which to snipe at Nualia. Kailea engages the insane asmiar directly, while Helia throws magic fire at her and Olga summons big dogs to harass her.

Dharma again fails to clear the trap. Nualia shatters Kailea’s greatsword, but the sorcerer/fighter/barbarian woman pulls out a longsword, and then trips Nualia to the ground. Attacking the prone Nualia with arrows, swords, lightning, fire, hammers, and fangs, she finally goes down. Hoping to get some useful information from their enemy, the heroes decide to keep Nualia alive, to be interrogated when she comes to. Meanwhile, there is time to search the rooms, and go over her journal.



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