Remnants of Thassilon

Mopping up

After a much needed night of rest, the party plans their counter-assault on the crypt of shadows. They also interview Lyre the mage, now behind bars (temporarily) and she seems willing to cooperate in return for leniency. They learn from her that Nualia was the only one communicating, or at least claiming to communicate with Malefeshnakor, who has been somehow contained under the temple-under-the-fort since before Thassilon. A long time.

Olga visits The Curious Goblin again, and finds out that the heavy tome recovered from the chamber of floating junk is a prayer book to Lamashtu. Nothing useful in the book, but she keeps it anyway, to the chagrin of the creepy old guy that always hangs out there.

Squall walks about the docks inquiring about used boats for sale.

The next morning, the heroes prepare themselves with appropriate magics and set off to the island. With Squall’s guidance they make it through the nettlewood forest unmolested and go over the bridge to the goblin fort. There are signs of a recent visit by a few goblins, but none are there now. The heroes go to the lower levels and, sighing, prepare to jump across the stone glave trap. But Dharma has a better idea. She is carrying some wooden planks found upstairs, and a couple of big rocks. A small bridge is built over the pressure-plate and the rest of the party crosses safely. Readying themselves for a fight, they enter the crypt room.

As expected, disturbing the sarcophagi gets the shadows’ attention. But this time the poor undead are quickly put out of their misery, and after a couple of healing spells no one is much the worse for it.

Before leaving though, the heroes look around the room. Kaielea is particularly interested in the INSERT_CARDINAL_DIRECTION wall, which exhibits a suspicious asymmetry with the opposite wall. She doesn’t find anything specific, but her actions draws Olga’s attention, and the cunning dwarf spots a secret door blending into the stone wall. Behind the door is a short corridor leading to a treasure room.

The room is partially flooded. It appears a wall has been breached and the room now connects to the ocean outside. In a deep pool of sea water, the heroes spot the remains of a hoard of treasure. They get excited, briefly, about a huge gold helmet, but Olga informs them it is only a gold veneer and hardly worth the effort of dragging out of the water. While the look around for something that is worth dragging out, Squall jumps in the water and dives deep down and out of sight. Squall swims around for a while, and she spots an underwater tunnel leading out. She hopes. Squall swims down the tunnel and shortly after surfaces near the rocky beach.

Meanwhile, the heroes notice that the only valuable artifact in the pile is sitting right next to a giant hermit crab who has made the gilded helmet its home. Dharma volunteers to go fetch. They tie a rope aroudn her and send her down. As she is filling her satchel with treasure, the crab takes offense. Dharma tries to fend him off with one hand and keeps filling her satchel with the other. The crab helps himself to chunks of her meat, while Olga Kaielea and Helia attack it with magics from the surface. Her work done, Dharma starts climbing back up, but the crab grabs a hold of her and squeezes hard. It doesn’t let go until magical attacks knocks it, and it sinks slowly to the bottom. A drenched and badly hurt Dharma is fished out and partly healed by her cleric friend.

On their way out of the fort, the heroes are joined by Squall, coming from outside. They all return safely to Sandpoint, to learn that Lyre is nowhere to be found. They shrug and go to sleep.



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