Remnants of Thassilon

Running from shadows

Helia settles down for some quiet time reading magical tomes and guarding an unconscious prisoner, while the others go exploring. She is only a few pages into a the first chapter when she hears a a commotion. Heavy boots on stone, a door slamming, and a dwarf crying “Helia get your gear together, we’re leaving!” A moment later a Paladin storms into the room, picks up the unconscious Nualia and shuffles out. Helia follows Dharma to find the rest of the party already on the other side of the stone glave trap. She joins them and the five heroes hustle out of the goblin fort, across the hastily mended bridge, through the dangerous Nettlewood forest, and continuing on the road to Sandpoint.

A few hours later, just before reaching Sandpoint, the party encounters a short man blocking the road ahead. He is there for Kaielea. He informs them that she is wanted for murder in Magnimar (Dharma and Olga knew this already) but he is there for the cargo that the brash fighter had lost at sea a few weeks before. He and his band of archers offer the heroes a share of the bounty if they help him capture Kaielea but they, putting a hand on Helia’s mouth, politely refuse and instead promise to fight him. The short coward decides not to call their bluff and is satisfied to leave with the last known location of his drowned cargo.

Arriving in Sandpoint, the heroes deposit Nualia in a prison cell and spend the day enjoying the congratulatory words of the townspeople. Shelalu is in town and informs them that the goblin threat appears to be disappearing now that their leaders are gone.

The next day is spent shopping and recuperating from battle wounds. In the evening most of the heroes retire to the Rusty Dragon. But Squall has a gut feeling about something and decides to patrol the streets instead. Soon enough she hears a commotion from the barracks and when she goes to investigate she learns there was a jail break. Suto and Nualia are gone, and the guards are pursuing them into the Glassworks.

Squall runs to inform the others and they all rush after the guards. All except Helia who is sound asleep in her private room. When the party arrives at the Glassworks they run down to the tunnel entrance and find a Nualia dead and Lyre, Nualia’s hired mage, knocked out. Ken the town guard informs them Suto has run off into the tunnel just moments before. Kaielea runs after him, Olga stays at the scene to care for the injured guards and Lyre, and Dharma and Squall run back to fetch Dharma’s horse and try to head Suto off at the tunnel other end.

Kaielea follows Suto through tunnels, cliffs, beaches, and oceans, all the while lighting up trees with magic to signal her allies. They all converge on Suto a short distance out of town and bring him down with swords and arrows and big hay-choppers. Thus ends the tragic love story of Suto and Nualia.



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