• Dharma Hildegarde

    Dharma Hildegarde

    Young, innocent, strong and valiant girl looking for a means to vanquish evil.
  • Helia Anarhalya Tesserae

    Helia Anarhalya Tesserae

    Helia Tesserae, called Anarhalya, is an elven sorceror from the Kyonin region. Her intelligence and intuitive magical strength are matched only by her arrogance and stubborn temperament.
  • Olga Söldrif

    Olga Söldrif

    Female Dwarf Cleric. From Janderhoff. Currently a smith's assistant in Sandpoint.
  • Sereca Squall

    Sereca Squall

    Squall is an lost elven druid who has a special affinity with birds of the night