Remnants of Thassilon

After the Attack
Boar Hunting!


Goblins Attack Sandpoint!
Fuck Your Musk!

At the festival which has just been interrupted by GOBLINS!

The goblin who just killed the poor local dog slashes at a civilian and then runs to the buffet table and stuffs its face. Sereca Squall tosses a ball of light at the goblin who bats it aside and leaps on it on the ground (at Olga’s Command). Olga tosses acid at the goblin but misses. Dharma runs up to the goblin and completely misses it with her sword, which slams into the buffet table. While trying to yank the sword out of the wood, another goblin critically slashes her arm.

Many goblins are in the square now, attacking civilians. The fallen goblin gets up and chases a dwarf. Many chittering little goblins get slashed by brave swords. Squall throttles a goblin to death after Dharma cuts its arm off. Squall, Olga, Kailea, and Dharma run after a goblin chasing the poor frightened dwarf. Kailea gracefully wiffs past the goblin’s head with her blade, cursing all the while. Squall commands Zephyr to grab the goblin’s little knife as Olga slams her axe into the goblin. The owl grabs the weapon and the goblin cries miserably. Kailea then skewers the goblin on her brand new blade.

In the brief lull between battles, Father Zantus gratefully heals the wounds of the adventurers. Squall offers her virtuous blessings to all.

Suddenly, 5 goblins come around the corner. A hideous, singing goblin with a whip is keening the horrible song that has been spurring all the goblins on. Dharma foolishly rushes into the fray, Smiting the goblin bard and gets surrounded by goblins who attempt to burn her cloak off. Olga rolls her eyes and tosses a vial of Harpy Musk onto the ground. A fog of musk spreads and scares the shit out of all the goblins (they, of course, being frightened of harpies).

The paladin catches fire and, in her first intelligent move of the day, runs away from the crowd of goblins. Kailea patiently heals her and Olga helps to put the fire out. Goblins rush up to the group and set Kailea on fire. Sereca summons a fierce spirit owl that attackes the goblins. She also dazzles a goblin with one of her flares. Dharma finally earns her keep and snaps a neck of one goblin, then cuts the goblin bard’s skull in two with her blade. The last goblin practically shits himself and runs away in fear. Squall sends Zephyr after the goblin, and follows it (with Dharma racing after). After rightfully looting the bodies, the others follow.

After realizing she won’t be able to catch up to the goblin, Squall calls back her bird. The party takes a breather and heals. When they catch their breath, they hear a scream by the Northern Gate. The members of the party look at each other, grimace, and rush toward the sound.

Turning a corner in view of the White Deer Inn, the group spies a goblin riding a goblin dog, which is attacking a valiant hound defending its owner (who hides behind a barrel). 4 other goblins cheer as the dog dies and they run to poke at the body in glee. The paladin, who apparently learned nothing from her previous experience, rushes in and completely wiffs with her longsword over the heads of all the goblins. Squall sends Zephyr to find a dog. Kailea pulls out her whip and trips up one of the goblins. A fight ensues and goblins die!

Dharma eventually destroys the goblin dog and its rider. Meanwhile a very stupid goblin critically injures itself several times trying to get to the man hiding behind the barrel. Soon, Zephyr returns being chased by an excited dog. The last two goblins run in fear and are cornered. One is knocked unconscious and the other is tied up and questioned. The group learns that the goblin on the rat-like goblin dog was of the Mosswood tribe, and that a week or two previously, a large humanoid told the goblins to carry out the raid.

The man hiding behind the barrel turns out to be a nobleman by the name of Aldern Foxglove. He charms Dharma and thanks the party for their help. He offers a reward, to be delivered at the Rusty Dragon Inn, where he is staying.

The party drops the goblins off at the barracks. They meet the guard, who is of the same tribe as Squall (though this does little to earn his favor). He guarantees that the goblins will not be harmed on his watch but sternly recommends that Squall return the dog that she lured away from its owner, the butcher.

Swallowtail Festival
Awaiting the Festival

The sleepy port town of Sandpoint began to see the influx of visitors a few days before the Swallowtail festival. A celebration of the new cathedral, the release of thousands of Swallowtails would mark a day of festivities.

Dharma Hildegarde was eager to be away from the mundane duties of Paladin life in the nearby city of Magnamar and hoped to find some real evil to vanquish in Sandpoint. She comes into view of Sandpoint in the early afternoon. As she crosses the bridge into town, she meets a dwarf who greets her gruffly while eating a sandwich on the bridge. After a cheerful conversation (on Dharma’s part, at least), she continues in to the extraordinarily welcoming city. She checks in with Garridan, the man running the White Deer Inn (said to be a slightly classier establishment than the Rusty Dragon Inn that she passed on her way in).

Dharma visits the new local Cathedral. It is primarily dedicated to Desna, of whom the festival this coming week will be celebrating. Also in the Cathedral are shrines dedicated to Arastil, Shelan, Sarenrae, Abradar, and Gozra. Dharma gives her prayers to Sarenrae and departs.

The crazy witch Sereca Squall had been making more frequent visits to the town’s harbor in her canoe, trying to trade her odd assortment of animals. She had become curious about the increased traffic in town for the festival and was able to banter with Olga and Dharma as she passed them on the riverside. She then departs from her usual place in her canoe at the docks and makes her way to the Cathedral. She has heard that there is a festival celebrating Desna and that many butterflies will be released during the festival.

She meets several of the priests, including an irate Brother Xavier and an understanding and very patient (which one would have to be to speak to Squall for any length of time) Father Zantus, the head of the order. She expresses her curiosity about the butterflies in no uncertain terms until finally, Brother Eadit informs her that Brother Xavier will be bringing her a Butterfly in a lovely clay pot. During her wait, (which takes place outside in the rear of the cathedral, to the relief of the regular patrons) she meets the gamekeeper, a hunched man limping around the graves of the cemetery grumbling and tidying up.

A couple weeks earlier, the swashbuckling Kaielea Brightblade had arrived in town looking like a wet cat and in search of some new cohorts. She was employing Olga’s smithing skills to fashion her a new sword. She decides that enough time has passed and that her blade must be ready. Excitedly, she returns to the Red Dog Smithy and meets with Olga, who hands over the blade. Kailea approves of the weapon but disapproves of Olga’s attempt to seal the deal with a spit-laden palm. Dos, the owner, tells her she is a fool to turn down Dwarf Spit.

Once Squall returns to her boat, she attempts to speak to the beautiful swallowtail butterflies she has been given. She asks them where the rest of their brethren are held. They talk about light and not much else. Their intelligence is a bit lower than she was expecting.

In town, it is noted that the Sandpoint Theater will soon be hosting a big show called The Harpies’ Curse. The lead actor is even from Magnamar!

Dharma roams around town and eventually reaches the dock where she sees an extremely interesting old woman in a boat with many cages of animals. She bespeaks the kind lady and learns her name, Squall and that of her beautiful tame owl, Zephyr.

When Squall kindly throws a rat at Dharma (which survives, strange enough), she is shocked to learn that the local deckhands have a bet going around on how many rats the old crone will throw in a day. Olga shows up briefly to check on the status of her own bet. Satisfied with what she hears, she proclaims, “Never bet against a Dwarf!”

On the day of the Festival, Young Mayor Deverin gives the first speech of the day, which includes some jokes that get a bit of a chuckle from the crowd. Sherriff Hemlock gives his usual speech about safety during the festival. Steward Akdrocus(sp?) who runs the theater enthusiastically tells a story about how the town raised enough funds to rebuild the cathedral after the dreadful fire that destroyed the previous one. He, of course, informs the crowd of the new play, Harpies’ Curse that will be playing soon. He also informs the excited crowd that Avesera, the famous actress from Magnamar will be playing the Harpy Queen! Father Zantus then gives a short prayer and tells everyone to have fun and to be back at the town square at noon for the commemoration!

Noon arrives, and the townsfolk gather around the square. Zantos speaks a beautiful parable about Desna and mentions the Tavern Competition of which there will be free lunch for everyone! Of course, everyone knows that Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of the Red Dragon Inn has the most awesome food; Curry-spiced Salmon, Early-dropped Mead, yummm! Dharma checks out the local wares, buying a few mini-thunderstones. Olga eats to her heart’s content and stocks up on supplies. Squall approaches the wagon formerly full of butterflies (they had been released during the festival) sneakily. Kailea enjoys the festivities with an always wary eye.

At Sunset, the ceremony is about to start. Father Zantus throws a full-sized thunderstone, sending out a humongous BOOM across the crowd. Everyone’s attention becomes riveted to the stage. A stray dog wakes suddenly from its peaceful slumber beneath the butterfly wagon.

As Father Zantus begins to speak, sudden screams cut through the crowd. A strange tittering, screeching sound begins and a low dark shape runs through the crowd and over to the dog beneath the wagon. Slitting its throat, the creature looks at the crowd for its next victim as an eerie sound of high-pitched voices singing begins to approach the square.

Characters meet

Kailea meets Dharma
Magnamar city guards Dharma Hildegarde and Jovat (Warrior Priest) patrol the streets in the evening in the vicinity of the Drunken Monkey Tavern.

Inside the tavern, Kailea Brightblade and her brigand friends are celebrating a recent “trade” gone well. Their jovial laughter and loud jokes bother the other patrons of the tavern, and have cleared their vicinity like a nerd making a bad science reference on a wiki post. Several of Kailea’s men valiantly try and fail to stay alert and pass out on the floor. Kailea, her first mate Peg-legged Bill, and Rory are left drinking and being boisterous by themselves.

A group of patrons approach the joyous group and tell Kailea in no uncertain terms that they disapprove of the recent “trades” that her crew has carried out. Declining her request to be left to drink in peace, a fight ensues.

As soon as the fists (and barstools) start flying, a very drunken dwarf on the other side of the dark room bellows “Bar Brawl!” and runs into the common room with his stumpy fists waving in front of him. He takes a swing at the first person he meets and misses hilariously. He takes another swing and completely passes out.

Kailea’s team very adeptly defend themselves against their attackers until the guards enter and demand the festivities to come to an end.
After Dharma jumps on a table and diplomatically convinces the room to calm down, the guards separate the two groups. Though the leader of the mercenaries is unconscious, her fellows claim that they were paid to rough up Kailea’s crew.

Dharma and Jovat agree to take in the leader of each group to lock-up overnight to cool off. Overnight, Dharma hears many tales of Kailea’s travels, causing inception-like thoughts to form in her mind of travel and adventure. As Kailea leaves, she invites Dharma to visit the town of Sandpoint at some point for some fun.

Kailea meets Olga
… Years later…
Kailea’s ship has been sunk and she walks toward Sandpoint. All she has are her clothes, her money, her whip and her falcon. She seeks a rapier for protection. When she arrives in Sandpoint, she goes to the Red Dog Smithy and enters while noticing the lazy but huge Mastiff dogs sitting out front.

Dos, the owner, grumps and complains about how difficult it would be to make a left-handed rapier. However, when his dwarf assistant Olga Söldrif enters with her arms full of scrap metal, she takes on the job happily. Kailea retires to the Rusty Dragon Inn to wait for her blade to be finished. She spends her evenings listening to the amazing songs and tales of the former adventurer, Ameiko Kaijitsu.


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