House Rules

Handle Animal

Checks may be performed to handle or train wild animals as well, but at a -10 penalty. Improving the animal’s attitude to friendly or greater (via Wild Empathy class feature or a spell) reduces this penalty to -5. Once an animal has learned 3 tricks, it is then considered domesticated and the penalty no longer applies.
Normal: Wild animals may not be handled or trained. Animals are only domesticated by rearing them from birth.

Flying creatures

Flying creatures may always Take 10 on Fly skill checks, even in combat.
Normal: Flying creatures must make a DC 10 Fly check to move less than half their speed (DC 15 to hover) or to remain flying after taking damage.

Base Attack Bonus

When multiclassing, classes receive a fractional BAB each level:

Sorcerer, Wizard:
+0.5 per level

Bard, Cleric, Druid, Monk, Rogue:
+0.75 per level

Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger:
+1 per level

When determining your total base attack bonus, add all classes’ fractional BABs together and round down.

(Ex) Level 5 Character (Fighter2/Bard2/Rogue1): 2 (Fighter) + 1.5 (Bard) + 0.75 (Rogue)= 4 (rounded down from 4.25)

Normal: BAB values are read from each class table and added together.

(Ex) Level 5 Character (Fighter2/Bard2/Rogue1): 2 (Fighter) + 1 (Bard) + 0 (Rogue) = 3

Divine casting with weapon hand

A divine caster may cast a spell with a somatic component using her deity’s favored weapon instead of a free hand.
Normal: A caster must put away her weapon or shield to cast a spell.

Magic loot

Magic loot re-sizes itself to fit the looter.
Normal: Jewels and clothes re-size, but not weapons and armor.

Critical deck

We use a critical hit deck for regular crits, but normal damage multipliers for Coup de Gras

Spontaneous spellcasting

Allowed from an unused and unprepared, divine, non-domain spell slot.


At each level, you have the option of retraining any one piece of your character. Check with the DM before doing this. This can include anything from a spell known, a feat, one level’s worth in skills, or even a class feature. You may not retrain away a prerequisite for another feat you have, or any requisite for prestige class levels you have. Also, you may only retrain for other feats or abilities that you would have been able to choose at the level that you took the original one (this can be complicated, hence check with DM).

House Rules

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